Millenium Mechanical with a few tips to winterize your air conditioning unit.

Almost that time again...

A few tips to keep your air conditioning unit safe over the winter.

Cold weather will soon be here! Think about how to keep your air conditioning system in tip top shape for next summer!

These systems are designed to be outdoors. However, you can do your part to ensure they are protected during the winter months.

  • Pick a nice early fall day to prepare your a/c for winter. Ensure it is a warm day so that it will be able to dry out completely.

  • Remove leaves, grass, bugs, bird droppings or any other debris from the unit.

  • Ensure that the power is off to the unit.

  • If you have a cover for it, use it. Make sure that it fits properly so rodents or birds don't build their nests in it. You can even put something like a brick on top of it or use a bungee cord, to make sure it doesn't blow off.

  • It's a good idea to cover any exposed pipes with foam pipe covers. Cut them to the correct length and tape them together with duct tape, if needed.

  • Throughout the winter, you should periodically check that there are no animals inside and brush the snow off.

These simple tips should help your air conditioner last for many summers to come.

We're glad to offer these tips to help your equipment survive our winters. If you'd like to learn about Millenium Mechanical's air conditioning units, furnace repair and install or other services, please give us a call at 780-986-2108.

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