Many options for a new hot water heater at Millenium Mechanical.

Do you need a new hot water heater?

There are many options to choose from.

Is your water heater not performing like it should?

Some reasons you may need to consider replacing it:

  • it's older than 10 years
  • you've noticed rust
  • it's leaking
  • it's making loud noises
  • the water is not getting hot or taking a very long time

*It is recommended that you replace it BEFORE it starts to fail. You don't want a flooded basement. Regular inspections are a good idea.


When considering a new water heater, you have some choices to make:

  • gas or electric
  • traditional vs tankless
  • what size do you need (how much water storage is needed for your home)
  • hot water on demand/tankless

Tankless water heaters are becoming popular. Opinions vary on whether it is a better option that tank ones.


  • tankless are known for their smaller size and will require less space in your home.
  • more energy savings over the lifetime of the system
  • you won't have to pay to keep a full tank of water constantly hot
  • hot water is supplied immediately when you need it (on demand)
  • they have a longer lifespan (possibly 20 years vs 10 years for the tank version)
  • typically offer longer warranties


  • even though they have a smaller space requirement, you may need to make changes in your home to accommodate it
  • more expensive upfront costs and to install


Either water heating system will provide benefits to the homeowner but your budget, space and consumption will be the determining factors.

Did you know that there could possibly be rebates available? 

The government or the city you live in, offers incentives (EcoRebates) on certain models/brands. We can show you how to take advantage of these programs.

Contact us today for help on deciding which type would be best for you home. At Millenium Mechanical, our skilled technicians are always happy to help you live more comfortably in your home.


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