Carrier TP-PRH01-B Traditional Thermostat

Carrier TP-PRH01-B Traditional Thermostat.

Compatible with heat pumps and offers enhanced comfort management with the ability to set customized schedules.


This versatile and beautiful programmable Edge thermostat has a slim, wall-hugging design and can manage any Performance or Comfort series system.

It’s capable of managing temperatures, humidity, ventilation, airflow and indoor air quality. And, if your system includes a heat pump and a furnace, its advanced features can orchestrate Hybrid Heat® system performance too.

Display module is .8″ deep and can be attached directly to the wall when its control module portion is installed on furnace or fan coil.

Why This Traditional Thermostat Is Right for You

  • Comfort Features: Enhanced comfort features that enable you to control humidity levels and set customized comfort schedules.
  • Energy Savings: Standard energy saving intelligence. Set customized schedules to help save on your heating and cooling energy costs when you are away.
  • Heat Pump Compatible: Can be installed with to control you heat pump heating and cooling system.
  • Zoning: Compatible with zoning panels for customized zoned comfort.