Carrier 38MBRC Ductless System

Carrier 38MBRC Ductless System.

Single-zone system with up to 18 SEER & 11.5 HSPF for enhanced energy savings.


Ductless systems are inherently economical to operate. The 38MBRC Performance™ heat pump is enhanced further with an inverter that adjusts to the output load resulting in a more efficient system during all seasons. This unit optimizes energy use in a wide range of outdoor temperatures, with a cooling range up to 130°F and a heating range down to -22°F you’ll be comfortable inside no matter the temperature outside.

Why This Ductless System Is Right for You

  • Energy Savings: Up to 18 SEER & 11.5 HSPF for enhanced energy savings.
  • Comfort Features: Enhanced comfort features for improved temperature control and more consistent comfort.
  • Minimal Installation: Because there are no ducts, installation is a breeze—no tearing open walls, patching, or repainting required!
  • Zones: Single-zone system.