Q Do you have advice on air quality in my home?

A Yes. We can tell you about options to purify the air to decrease allergies, mould, smells and benefit the overall health of the occupants.

Q What do I do if I notice water leaking from my hot water tank?

A Give us a call. We can send one of our skilled technicians to investigate, repair or replace the water tank. You can also hear about the options for traditional water heaters vs. tankless on demand water heaters. The benefits of each, costs and space needed.

Q What areas of Alberta do you service?

A We are located in Leduc but will go anywhere in Leduc County, Edmonton, Calmar, Thorsby, Devon, Beaumont, New Serepta, Warburg and the surrounding areas, as well.

Q My sink is not draining. What should I do?

A We have drain cameras that we can send down to investigate. Then, we can repair what needs to be done. Give us a call.

Q Our furnace is not heating our home. What should I do?

A If you have no heat, we can send someone out to have a look at your furnace. We will determine whether it can be repaired or if you need a new one. If an installation is required, we can give you many options to suit your budget. We offer a variety of different brands and models to choose from.

Q Do you offer gas fitting services?

A We certainly do! If you are putting in a gas fireplace, a new appliance, an outdoor heating line or need your gas line moved, give us a call.

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