Tips to keep your humidity levels low in your home.

How to reduce humidity in your home.

We aren't used to that problem around here!

This summer, we experienced a much higher level of humidity than we normally get.

Everything and everyone feels sticky and uncomfortable. It can also be harmful to hardwood floors and mess with your homes air quality. Typically, your indoor humidity level should be somewhere between 30 - 50%, keeping your flooring happy and condensation to a minimum. Too much moisture can cause mold to grow or lead to structural damage. A great way to know about your humidity levels in your home is to purchase a hygrometer.

Here are some tips to help with all that extra moisture in our homes:

  • if you own an air conditioner, then that will keep humidity levels lower because the cooler air will help remove the warm, humid air. Ensure that your a/c has a new filter to keep the air flowing.

  • keep showers cooler. Hot showers will add even more humidity to the air. Lowering the temperature of the water even a few degrees, will help.

  • purchase a dehumidifier, if you like. This will help remove moisture from the air via your furnace.

  • use your exhaust fan. These are typically used to remove odors in your home but they will also reduce moisture from hot showers and from hot humid summer days.

  • don't run your dryer on really humid days. Damp clothes will add humidity to your home. If possible, hang the clothes outside.

  • open your windows. You'll only want to do this if you aren't running an a/c unit but opening windows, should allow some moisture to leave the home.

  • if you have a lot of house plants, this can contribute to the moisture levels in your home. They release moisture of their own. You could move them to a more ventilated area or outside, temporarily.

Hopefully, these tips will help make your home more comfortable on hot, humid days. If you'd like to learn about Millenium Mechanical's air conditioning units or our other services, please give us a call at 780-986-2108.

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