Breathe easier with an air purifier in your home.

Should you get an air purifier?

What do they do in your home?

Are you waking up with a stuffy nose or just not sleeping well? It could be the air in your home.


Our hope is that your nose, lined with special tiny hairs and cilia, will stop contaminants from entering your nasal system but that's not always the case. An air purifier can help in this task. It can help trap airborne irritants and stop them from making your immune system work overtime or make you sick.

Breathing is something, well, kind of important. We all want to avoid getting sick, as much as possible, so keeping the air you breathe free from nasty intruders, is a great line of defense.

There are different types of airborne viruses that cause colds, flu and sinus issues. Allergens, like pet dander and dust, may contribute to not feeling our best. Smells in your home and chemical irritants can also cause congestion. While HEPA filters are pretty standard these days, they will only trap physical particles, not gases or smoke. Do your research on which will work better for your home, depending on what YOU want to use your air purifier for.


Air purifiers that can help in this area are:

  • HEPA filters: stands for 'high efficiency particulate air'. These are mechanical filters that can remove about 99% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and airborne particles by trapping them. These will need to be replaced periodically.
  • UV: ultraviolet light waves deactivate and destroy viruses and bacteria. Also uses fans and lamps to clean the air, then pump the air back into the room.
  • Activated carbon filters: these filters chemically attract pollutants through absorption. Work best on cigarette smoke, candle smoke, cooking smells or cleaning product smells. They too, will have to be replaced when they get too dirty.


There are many stand alone purifiers to choose from or you can have a 'whole house' system installed. Contact us today and talk to our knowledgeable staff about your concerns for your family's health to make the best choice for an air purifier in your home. 

Let us help you and your family, breath easier!




April Aire
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Author: Millenium Mechanical

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