From radiant heating to on demand water heaters, Millenium can help you stay warm this winter.

Ways to keep you warm...

We can help you stay warmer in many home spaces.

With the temperatures dropping, we offer ways to keep you warm, wherever you are in your home.


Millenium does more than HVAC installations, repairs and maintenance.

For example:

  • Stepping out of a shower, on to a warm floor with in-floor heating.
  • Working in your garage with a radiant heater to keep your hands from freezing.
  • Hooking up a new gas fireplace.
  • Have an on-demand water heater installed so you can warm up with a hot shower and not worry about running out of hot water. 

We can give you options for these and other heating sources. Our suppliers of in-floor and radiant heaters, have options to fit your budget.


If your home isn't quite as warm as you'd like, also consider these things:

  • check your furnace filters - if they're dirty or haven't been replaced in a while, that can cause your furnace to struggle. Replace them on a regular basis.
  • humidity - if your humidity is too low (below 35%) it will cause your home to feel colder than it is.
  • windows - are your windows old or not sealed properly? Drafts will cause condensation and won't keep the heat inside.
  • programmable thermostat - have your furnace automatically turn on before you get up or come home.
  • curtains - keeping your curtains closed when it's very cold outside can help retain some of your heat indoors.
  • fix drafts - have drafts around doors looked after to stop the hot air from escaping your home.


Here in Alberta, it can get pretty cold during our winter months. Talk to us about how we can help your home stay warm.

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