Tips from Millenium Mechanical for winterizing your commercial building

Winterize your commercial heating system.

Keep your heating unit working efficiently this winter.

A large part of building utility costs is the HVAC system. Here are a few tips on what you can do to keep your costs low and ensure it's running at peak efficiency, especially during the winter months.


  • Air Filters: If these are too dirty, the system has to work much harder to get the air through the vents. This will use up more energy and cost you more to heat (or cool) the building. Changing the air filters will keep it running efficiently and keep the costs lower.
  • Thermostat: If it's an older version, they may not be as accurate as they used to be. Sensors may need to be adjusted, as well. A digital thermostat is easier to regulate so you may want to switch them out for 'smart' versions.
  • Outdoor parts: Inspect any portion of the system that is outside of the building. Our colder temps are very hard on equipment. Check air vents for anything that can block the flow and condensation traps should be empty and dry so they don't freeze.
  • Heating elements: have burners cleaned and inspected for efficiency. For parts that use water as a heating element, make sure the pipes are clean of mold or condensation. Check for drafts where you could be losing heat.
  • Air flow: make sure the airways are not restricted. Clean vents to prevent them from working too hard to minimize wear and tear on the system.

Taking some steps to winterize your commercial building HVAC, will help reduce wasting energy. 


If you need a professional to inspect your HVAC system, Millenium offers affordable packages for regular maintenance. We can inspect and repair rooftop units, water heaters, boilers or any other part of the HVAC system. Give us a call today to find out more and make sure your equipment won't cost you more than necessary this winter.



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