Myths about cooling your home.

Home cooling myths...

Find out what's real and what's not.

Sure, we haven't had the high temps we got last year but we can still be a bit too warm in our homes over the summer months. Keeping your home cool can be difficult so don't believe everything you read.

There are a few myths floating around regarding cooling your home.


  • Myth: a bigger air conditioner will be more efficient
    If your a/c isn't working fast enough for you, it's probably not because it isn't big enough. There are many reasons why it might not be cooling they way you think it should. Has it been regularly maintained? Is it in a poor location where it gets direct sunlight all day? Could there be a leak or problems with ductwork and insulation? If your HVAC unit is straining to keep your home cooler, check these things before upgrading to a larger one. All AC units are rated for square footage so that should have been determined at installation time. If it is too large for your space, it will turn on and off constantly and could wear out sooner.


  • Myth: setting the temp way down will make it work faster
    AC is designed to work at a consistent pace and turn off when it gets to the desired temp. Setting it colder won't cool faster but may waste money (and energy) if you forget to change it later. If you have a window unit, using the 'high' setting will work to cool it faster because they are just fan settings. As with the outdoor units, remember to turn it to the lower setting once the room reaches the correct temp.


  • Myth: AC is only used to cool the air in a room
    While this is true, it does more than that! They also reduce humidity. This will make you more comfortable because humid air feels hotter than dry air. If your unit doesn't have the 'drying' function, consider a dehumidifier to do the same thing. This can save you a bit of money over time.


  • Myth: fans keep your rooms cooler
    This only makes you FEEL cooler. A fan moves the warmer air around and can make your body temp cooler but the air is still warm. The exception to the rule; if you have a fan in a window where it can draw cooler outside air in to your room.


To really keep your home comfortable during the summer, AC is a great option. Make sure to keep it in good working condition and it'll continue to work well for you. Do your research on cooling methods and don't depend on ones that aren't reliable.

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