The benefits of smart thermostats.

Should you buy a wifi thermostat?

Is it worth the cost?

Do you know someone who has a smart thermostat in their home? They'll most likely tell you that it's a great idea!

Technology is everywhere and your homes' functions, is no exception. There are benefits to making the jump to these types of temperature controls.

  • Convenience. If this is important to you, then these little gadgets are a great improvement over the traditional thermostats. They function the same as regular ones but you have the freedom of doing it from anywhere! They are controlled from a smart phone app or from the device itself. This allows you to check on it if you're away or even if you forget to turn if down at bedtime. They will 'learn' your routines and what you prefer. You can let it develop a schedule for you or program it yourself. This works for both heating an cooling. Some models can even give you reminders for air filter changes or energy saving tips.
  • Customization. Most of these devices come with many ways to make it work best for you and your family. It will learn what temperature you prefer to keep your home, depending on the time of day and even the weather outside!
  • Saves you money. Just by programming your thermostat to go down when you aren't there or at night, can almost save you the cost of the device within a year! If you aren't in the habit of programming your current thermostat, you're likely to see a big difference very quickly.

There are many different models of Smart Thermostats, ranging in price from $100 - $600. Do your homework to see which has the features you need before purchasing one. Call Millenium Mechanical for more information.



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