Exhaust fans can help with moisture issues, especially during winter months.

The benefits of your homes' exhaust fan.

It can be very helpful in reducing moisture over the winter months.

Would you like to increase your home's efficiency? Your exhaust fan is a great feature, that is often overlooked.

An exhaust fan is VERY helpful in removing excess moisture, as well as removing odors from your home. You can install a timer to have it go on and off at scheduled times or just turn it on periodically. Chances are your newer home has this feature but it may go unused. If you don't have one, talk with our experts to see how we can add one to your home.

Four things your fan can stop by circulating air and reducing moisture:

  • Moisture buildup. When we keep our homes warm over the winter, that moist air can get trapped in the attic. Cold air outside can add to that. This can cause damage to your roof and create mold inside.
  • Ice damming. Warm air inside the attic makes the roof warm and melts the snow on the outside. Melting snow can build up and freeze under your eavestrough. This can get under the shingles and back into your home and can melt onto your ceiling.
  • Condensation. Warm air combines with cool surfaces in your attic and creates frost. This can start to drip when the air warms up and get into your insulation. This will make it compress and be ineffective, making your energy bills go up.
  • Odors. Your exhaust fan can help get rid of stinky dinner preparation smells or smoke.

Keeping all this excess moisture out of your attic is a big benefit to the way your home works for you. 

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